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Tips For Planning a Product Launch Event


A launch event is a fantastic way to show clients and customers your most recent product developments, drum up some excitement about its release and even close the first sales right there on the day. In order to get the most out of the opportunity, you’ll want to plan a knock-out event. We’ve compiled a list of the most important aspects you’ll need to consider, including professional AV, in order to execute the perfect product launch.

1. The Venue

Your venue choice is paramount to pulling off a great product launch. Consider the size of your audience. You don’t want visitors to feel cramped in a venue that’s too small but, on the flipside, you don’t want your venue looking empty because your audience isn’t big enough to fill it. If your product shares branding with your company’s location, you may want to stay on-site and liven up a home-ground venue with professional AV for the special occasion.

2. The Style

Choose a style that compliments the product you’re launching. This way, your audience will be fully immersed in the atmosphere of the event and their focus won’t be drawn away from the product in the spotlight. If your product launch is unveiling any new technology, you’ll most likely want a modern, innovative venue that will flatter the product. Some venues have a reputation for hosting product launches in specific market areas, such as IT or communications. If you can find a venue with a reputation applicable to your new product, use this to your advantage.

3. The Display

How will the product display/s be arranged and positioned? Will there be a stage or will your audience be able to walk around freely and interact with the exhibits? However you organise your displays, you’ll want them to be expertly lit and provided with the highest quality sound systems, if necessary. Professional AV hire is the key to (quite literally) showing your new products in their best light, and in a way that your visitors can appreciate every detail.

4. The Entertainment

Including an element of entertainment can make your product launch more memorable. Just like your choice of venue, your choice of entertainment should be relevant to the product and it’ll help steer the focus of the day, whilst adding a refreshing element of participation. It can also be a great way to spread brand awareness, whilst engaging your audience with the product. A contest with some activity or game, a ‘chance-to-win’ Tweet challenge, or even hiring a comedian to lighten the mood - these can all work well. Keep your entertainment task-focused to make the most of the marketing opportunity.

5. AV Hire

Whichever venue you choose and however you decide to arrange your product displays and stages, AV professionals can bring the day to life by providing high-quality sound for any speeches, music or video presentations. You’ll want exhibits or product demonstrations to be brightly lit, possibly in colours that promote your brand, and you might even choose to project logos or slogans onto the walls of your venue. Going with a professional AV company will be the best decision you make if you want to impress your attendees and make the most out of the marketing and sales opportunities that stem from an unforgettable product launch.

Find out more about our Audio Visual Hire and Staging for Product Launches, Exhibitions and Events here

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The Key To A Stress-Free Event


The key to running any stress-free event is to delegate responsibility to professionals. If you hire AV equipment, for instance, you can rest assured that the sound and lighting components of your event will run smoothly throughout the day, really bringing to life any speeches, presentations or live music.

Juggling organisation, catering, guest lists, venue hire and AV can be a real handful, especially if you’re working within a budget. When you hire AV equipment, you’re not just taking something off of your plate, but ensuring that poor AV equipment doesn’t ruin your day and undermine the effort you’ve put into its organisation. What’s more, if you choose a complete package, we won’t just manage your sound and lighting during the event, but provide delivery, set-up and full technical support for the whole occasion.

Hiring AV equipment that’s managed by experts will guarantee high-quality sound and lighting for any presentation or performance. This will ensure that the atmosphere you want to create is delivered. Let’s say you’ve organised a corporate event. Dim, uneven lighting and faltering microphones are going to give your delegates a bad first impression. If you wow them with high- quality AV, however, their assumption will be that the same level of care and attention to detail is applied to your products and services.

Many professional, motivational and keynote speakers will be far more relaxed when they know there’s an expert technician handling their microphone and staging. With a worry-free environment in which to deliver their presentation, you’re guaranteed to get a better performance from any speaker and it gives them the confidence that there will be no technical faults. Hiring AV equipment, therefore, can create a stress-free event not just for you, but also for the presenters you’ve invited to be a part of your day.

Another great reason to hire AV equipment is it means you can be as ambitious as you’d like with your sound and lighting effects. You’ll be able to get creative with techniques such as moving lighting, wall projections and 3D mapping. Our passionate and imaginative team can advise you on the sound and lighting features that are guaranteed to impress your audience.

If you’d like to talk more about how Stage Engage can manage your AV and help you run a worry- free event, contact us today.

Find out more about our AV hire services here...

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Failsafe AV Equipment Hire For East London Businesses


We offer several different options for you to get your hands on professional AV: equipment hire with demos and extensive instructions, express packages or a full package with engineers on hand on the day. Sure, many venues offer an in-house AV service, but there are so many advantages to bringing in the experts – whether it’s hiring top specification gear or employing engineers too. It’s comforting to know that such an important part of your event is in the hands of true professionals and it’s awesome to watch your venue come alive when prepared with the most up-to-date technology. Stunning sound and lighting can transform any event or function from a mediocre day to a truly memorable occasion.

If you’ve planned a really important corporate event and you’re trying to bring everything together in time for the big day, you’ll want to relax in the knowledge that your technical equipment is fully functional and ready to go. The best way to ensure this peace of mind is to engage professionals. And the best part? AV equipment hire in East London couldn’t be easier when you employ Stage Engage. Not only can our team cover all of your AV needs, we can make the equipment blend seamlessly into the room. There will be no unsightly cables or dimly lit corners, no dangling wires or blinking bulbs. Our expert AV hire service offers East London powerful yet subtle AV provision for every event.

So, why hire? Even if you feel you don’t need expert engineers around on the day, hiring the very best and latest AV equipment from us means you can rest assured knowing it will be in full working order. Nothing ruins a keynote speech like a crackling microphone, while a poorly lit stage will make for disappointing photographs or recordings of your event. AV professionals like Stage Engage can take care of every little thing – from crisp sound to dazzling lighting effects – so your guests are fully immersed in any speeches or presentations, instead of being distracted by faults and screeching speakers or straining to see the stage.

Whether you’re looking for a full AV service or just AV equipment hire in East London, get in touch with us today. We’re ready to make your event run smoothly and seamlessly – so much so that our work should go completed unnoticed by attendees! But trust us, you’ll notice the difference in your stress levels! Find out more about our range of options for AV equipment hire in East London here.

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