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How To Add The Wow-Factor To Your Outdoor Event


Outdoor events can be made into truly sensational occasions when supplied with imaginative lighting and awesome sound systems. However, other more unusual equipment – for example when you hire a big screen for outdoors events - can really be the cherry on the top of a stunning display. Here are some great ways to really add the wow-factor.

Make Your Own Venue

Marquees are an excellent choice of venue when putting on an outdoor event. They’re completely customisable spaces, with lots of options available from geo domes to tipis. Remember that darker tent materials lend better to events where lighting needs to stand out, whereas white marquees are better in daylight. You can install a temporary power source/generator and transform the space with sound, lighting and other displays.

Live Music

If you’ve chosen to hire a DJ or band for a live event production, you’ll want them to be heard with the best sound system possible. This way, the audience can enjoy each and every beat of the music a DJ has prepared for the event. For instance, one of our clients flew in a well-known DJ all the way from Spain for a recent event. They knew that this DJ needed to perform with the highest quality equipment and deal with professional technicians, so they insisted on Stage Engage to cover their needs.

A Big Screen

Depending on the size of your audience, hiring a big screen for outdoors could provide an opportunity to display close-ups of your performers in action too, so that those further from the stage can see everything - even from the edge of the crowd.

Hiring a big screen for outdoors can work for loads of different events. If you’re hosting any sports-themed event, for instance, it’s a total must-have. All sports look breathtaking when shown on a big screen, especially summer sports like tennis, cricket and racing but bear in mind that LED is the most suitable for outdoor use. Your guests will be able to see all the action without having to crowd around a tiny box set. The sheer size of the sporting spectacle will be enough to impress your guests but, coupled with expert sound, they’re guaranteed to get the most out of what you’re showing.

Enchanting Lighting

A lot of outdoor events carry on long into the night so you’ll also want to think about lighting. If you hire a big screen for outdoors parties this always ends up being a great and unusual source of light, but there are lots of other creative ways to light up your event too, such as hanging strings of lights between trees, buildings or tents. Coloured lanterns could add a quirky touch, if that fits with the ambience you’re trying to create. This can be an artistic way to light up walkways from one area to another, or provide light to areas in which your guests can sit and eat, drink and chat.

Packing the wow-factor into an event comes from a creative combination of atmospheric lighting, superb sound quality and spectacular additions like big screens. Bring all of these elements together and you can be sure that each and every guest will go away feeling bowled over by your occasion.

For solutions to all your audio, video and lighting needs during your next outdoor event, check out our services and hire page.

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When Is It Best To Hire A Sound System?


It’s not always necessary to hire a full sound system for your event but it must be said that there are far more occasions when it’s best to place your sound and lighting needs into the hands of AV experts. Whether you just need to hire a sound system or are looking for the full package with a specialist engineer to assist, you should invest in professional AV if any of the following apply to your event:

1. You want to impress at a corporate event

Nothing says professionalism like excellent sound and lighting. It shows you’ve thought it all through and considered what’s best for your audience. It also shows that you care about what your speakers have to say and how they are received. On the flipside, nothing says incompetency like crackling microphones and dimly lit screens and/or stages…

2. You’re hosting a large number of people

Whether it’s a formal or informal event, with speeches or presentations, music or comedy, your audience will want to hear it from every corner of the room, and that doesn’t just mean you should turn up the volume! If you hire a sound system and technician – or simply follow our full instructions and demo – you’ll be able to place microphones and speakers in the best position to pick up and distribute sound evenly to every seat in the room.

3. You’re not confident with the technology

Your chosen venue may offer AV and it might meet all of your needs. If, however, you’re not confident with managing it yourself, you can hire a sound system with instructions from us if you’re on a budget, or hire a full system with engineer to avoid muddling over equipment you’re not acquainted with.

4. You want a little peace of mind

Organising an event of any size is a big task and takes weeks, if not months, of planning and preparation. If you’d like someone else to take a little of the responsibility off of your plate, hiring a sound system and delegating the responsibility to an expert engineer can be an excellent choice. A crucial part of your event will be in the safe hands of experts who will transport, set up and dismantle their own equipment, leaving you free to make the finishing touches to other aspects of the occasion, schmooze with guests and make sure everything else runs smoothly too.

For any event at which sound will play an influential part, it is not so much a question of whether to hire a sound system or not, but rather whether you need the full works (i.e. a full system with an engineer) or you simply need to collect a system from us with instructions to use for your event. The benefit of the full package is you get to sit back and relax whilst professionals take care of the audio aspects of your day. However, if you don’t feel it’s necessary to hire all the whistles and bells or you’re working on a budget, our Express Services could be ideal for you.

If you need more advice to help you make the decision, get in touch today. Or view our sound packages.

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Stage Engage are finalists for 2 amazing business awards


Stage Engage are proud to announce that we became finalists for 2 awards at the 2017 Express and Echo Business Awards held at Sandy Park, Exeter.

The 2 awards we were shortlisted for were; Small Business of the Year and Apprentice Employer of the Year.

Christian Ablett, MD of Stage Engage Ltd says; "To get to the finals amongst so many amazing businesses is a real achievement for our team and one that we are celebrating and are very proud of. It was around 8 years ago that Stage Engage was established, our aim being to set the bar for high quality service and a company that everyone was proud to work for. We are really delighted and we are hoping to get shortlisted for more awards next year"

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