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Stage Engage Invest in Panasonic PT-RZ Laser Projectors

Stage Engage have invested in the latest Panasonic PT-RZ series Laser Projectors.

In order to deliver the best possible service to both our dry, wet hire and production clients, Stage Engage have purchased PT-RZ 970 Laser Projectors.

Chris Ablett, Director, commented - "I'm very excited to see these projectors added to our stock. We strive to deliver the best possible service and equipment for our customers, this new investment will help us do just that".

At around 10,000 Lumens of output they have an extremely powerful brightness, in addition the latest laser diode technology.

Laser projection technology ensures a longer light source life, more accurate colours and are more reliable than traditional lamp based projection systems.

Stage Engage can provide the Panasonic PT-RZ range which a wide choice of lenses, anything from a 5.7-8.0:1 zoom lens to an ultra short throw 0.38:1 are available. Various flying and rigging options can also be arranged.

Whether it be for install or hire, contact the team in Exeter or London today for a competitive quote.

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Top 5 Ways to Use Projection to Enhance Your Event

Creative ways to use Projection to Enhance Your Event


You’ve no doubt spent a long time finding your perfect venue, and probably a large portion of your budget, so you want to make sure you get the very best out of it. Whether you want to make the most of the limited space within an intimate space or you want to bring to life a quirky feature, the use of projection at an event can help you take full advantage of your venue.

We were tasked to provide projection for Samsung & Charli XCX in a recent promotional video. Our unique design enabled us to create content reinforcing imagery, create a moving backdrop and transform the video into what the client required and more. Using a "infinity curve" surface courtesy of the Blue Studios in Dalston we created an effective immersive temporary installation for the video.


If you’re looking to liven up your next conference and on the hunt for a unique twist beyond the traditional conference set-up, then projection is the answer. We’re not just talking about projecting your content onto a screen behind your speaker, but thinking creatively about how you can present the same information in a new engaging way to spice up the delegate experience.

We created a mapped moving backdrop for the fashion manufacturer Fossil, using projection and the latest software to create a far more immersive event for delegates.


Event organisers are always on the hunt for new ways to immerse their guests and ensure their event is one to remember. With the fast-paced developments in video technology, we can create tactile brand experiences that have never been seen before.


Everyone’s heard the adage ‘Content is King’ and no more so than in the world of live events. Creating excellent content takes time so you want to make sure that when it’s delivered, it has the maximum impact on your audience. Whether it’s creating a super-sized projection surface or using the latest projectors and playback equipment to make sure you see every detail, there are now more ways than ever that we can make sure your content stand out.


Projection Mapping uses everyday video projectors, but instead of projecting onto a flat screen, light can be mapped onto any surface, turning normal everyday objects into interactive displays. Whether you’re looking transport your guests from an exhibition hall into the middle of a tropical rainforest or make an iconic building undulate before exploding, with projection mapping the possibilities really are endless.

inspired? Contact our team to find out how we can help with your next event.

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Custom Staging and Set for Your Event

Have you considered using custom stage set for your next event?

Keeping audiences engaged can be challenge even for the most enigmatic speakers. Set the right tone for your event using a custom stage and stage backdrop to grab the audience’s attention. The stage at your event will evoke your program’s theme and brand.

Here are our Top 5 tips to make your event stage the best possible:

NOT TO BE LOFTY, BUT: The height of the stage is very crucial for any event or corporate conference. You want to make sure your audience is comfortable; it’s recommended that the stage is at least 30cm high off the ground, allowing the audience members to have a good line of sight. For larger events, typically the stage should be around 40-60cm high off the ground to elevate the speakers and presentation.

BE ACCESSIBLE: It’s important to have a stage that is easily accessible for all types of people! Think of who needs to come on stage, and from where. If you know that there will be audience members called on stage it is critical that the stage is fully accessible to everyone. We provide wheelchair ramps and variety of different handrail and steps to ensure access to the stage is perfect and as stress free as possible for everyone.

SIZE DOES MATTER: The size of the stage is another aspect that you need to take into consideration. Depending how many speakers you plan on having at your events it’s important to have an appropriate stage size. If there will be multiple guests on stage, you need to have a stage large enough to accommodate them.

MAKE IT MEMORABLE: The design you add to your stage must be large and easy for your audience to see and understand. Custom stage sets are the best way to incorporate these into your presentation. A quality, branded stage set leaves the biggest, best impression on an audience. We can also design & print fully printed set, a completley custom solution to best market your brand.

SHINE ON: A custom stage set is much more than just a background. There may be a variety of on-stage elements that are not all created equal, so a well-lit stage and stage set is key to a perfect presentation. You want your brand to be visible to the audience at all times, however, it is important that your speaker(s) remain the focal point.

At Stage Engage, we’ve been perfecting custom stages and stage sets for years, and we have a variety of solutions for your event needs. Our Project Managers and team of talented in-house designers can design your perfect stage set. If you are interested in stages and stage sets, contact us today.

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