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Myth-Busting: The Truth About The Value Of Livestreaming A Conference


For some reason, and we aren’t sure why, livestreaming has a pretty poor reputation. For a lot of businesses and event planners, it’s seen as a hassle… Well, we’re here to dispel that idea. Let’s take a look at some of the bad feelings around livestreaming and see if we can’t bust some myths and overturn that unwarranted negativity.

Myth #1 – ‘Livestreaming is expensive’ – Wrong! Livestreaming doesn’t have to cost a thing. If, for example, you livestream a conference via YouTube, it’s completely free, providing your account is registered and you have a minimum of 100 subscribers. Again, via Facebook: it’s free. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can use livestream technology that even allows you to interact with viewers, as well as with speakers or presenters who can’t make it to the event. The possibilities are endless but the budget doesn’t have to be!

Myth #2 – ‘Fewer people attend when there’s a live stream’ – Surprisingly, untrue. Whilst it makes sense that people might just prefer to watch from their sofa at home rather than actually attend the event, statistics show that a third of people who watch a livestream will become attendees the following year. If your event or conference looks awesome on livestream, it can hugely increase the popularity and attendance of your following events. Take Coachella as an example: in 2011, the festival sold out after three days of ticket sales; the event, however, boasted a massive livestreaming fan base and when tickets went on sale the following year, the festival was sold out in under three hours.

Myth #3 – ‘Nobody will watch it’ – Nonsense! If you have any kind of social media following, people WILL watch your livestreamed conference. Facebook Live statistics show that viewers watch live video for three times as long as they would watch pre-recorded footage. Plus they add comments ten times more often because they feel involved in your event, and this kind of activity draws in more viewers as a result. Including a ‘behind the scenes’ element to your livestream (perhaps a special announcement) will draw viewers in, too, as they are intrigued by the thought of exciting, exclusive news.

Myth #4 – ‘Livestreaming isn’t worth it for small events’ – Wrong again… Livestreaming can actually be MORE useful to smaller events and conferences. Aside from expanding a potential client base and spreading brand awareness, it allows you to reach an audience far wider than a potentially small venue can cater for. If your livestream displays a well-run, successful event, you can bet that the list of attendees will grow significantly for your next event.

Myth #5 – ‘The value of the video is gone once the conference is over’ - This is perhaps the worst of all the myths. Just like any recorded video, footage of an event or conference can be reused time and time again, which can be a fantastic marketing tool for advertising purposes. It’s also a great way of keeping a record of speeches and demonstrations, allowing you to refer back to them as and when you wish. Coupling clips from your livestream with comments that viewers made while watching it in real-time, can be a highly persuasive tactic when convincing social media followers to sign up to your upcoming conference or expo.

We hope you’re feeling a little less sceptical about livestreaming now. And whilst we appreciate that it’s a relatively new marketing method, results show that the benefits can be enormous; making an effort with livestreaming an event or conference could undoubtedly see an exceptional return on investment.

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Essentials for the Ultimate Private Party


A party is one of the best ways to bring everyone together under one roof, without having to stretch the purse strings too much. You can choose the guest list, decide on the catering, hand-pick the drinks menu and, perhaps most crucially, have complete control of the music all night long.

So, step one: sort the venue. Firstly, you need to know who you're going to invite and then have a think about how many of those are likely to actually attend. You want somewhere that's spacious, fits the budget and has the right ambience. Consider the type of look and atmosphere you want to create and then find a venue that suits.

Step two: drinks. For a lot of us, it's not a party without those iconic red American party cups. Big enough to hold a sizeable beverage, disposable at the end of the night. And the best part? No washing up. Simple. But, if you want something with a little more class and style then why not opt for some chic, coloured wine glasses; they are available in a range of summery colours and make for a fun, yet classy, alternative. Perfect for enjoying some bubbly!

Step three: drinks, again! Nobody likes warm beer (or wine) and, depending on the venue, a fridge or two may not have the capacity to cater for your thirsty friends all night long. Fill a couple of cool-boxes or even an old steel tub (for a touch of rustic, shabby-chic style) with ice and you'll have no problem keeping those ‘serve chilled’ beverages ready to drink. Alternatively, you could consider hiring a fridge with a glass front, so that your guests can see the goodies inside.

Step four: catering. We all know the feeling of party-munchies. They’re inevitable. So, be sure to sort out catering in advance. Finger food like crisps and dips are sure to keep your guests happy, but if your venue allows access to an oven during the evening, then something hot, like mini burgers or sausages, will go down a treat too. Crudité, mini quiches and hummus are great choices for vegetarian guests.

Step five: timing. Nobody ever arrives at a party at the time you tell them. Bear this in mind when you send out invitations or set up the event on Facebook; if you want your guests to arrive at 8, tell them it starts at 7 or 7:30… Unless, of course, you have thoroughly punctual friends.

Step six: invest in a high-quality sound system. Sound quality is what makes or breaks the atmosphere, wherever you are. From a club or bar to a converted barn or your very own back garden, you can transform the environment by simply putting a high-quality sound system in place. Why not rent some speakers for your party? If you've spent time mixing a knock-out playlist then don't let that effort go to waste! Rent speakers for your party and make sure that your guests don’t miss a beat.

Step seven: deck it out. If it’s a special occasion and you’re looking to splash out a little then why not hire a DJ? That way, your musical entertainment is taken care of for the whole night. You could even take it a step further and rent DJ decks and speakers so your friends can try their hand at revving up the mood for those on the dancefloor!

The final step: party lighting. Nobody parties with all the lights on, and whilst wall lights and lamps offer a less harsh ambience, when it comes to lighting, perhaps you should consider something a touch more creative. Whether it’s a disco ball for those retro feels, some strobe lights for those who love to rave, or simply some funky and colourful lava lamps, you can easily give your party that visual wow-factor.

Hopefully, you’ll find these tips useful. Just remember – while it's true that anyone can throw a party, to make it one that people will remember, the key is to rent some speakers and give your music a real lift. And don't forget the importance of setting the atmosphere with some well-considered, razzle-dazzle lighting.

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Tips For Planning a Product Launch Event


A launch event is a fantastic way to show clients and customers your most recent product developments, drum up some excitement about its release and even close the first sales right there on the day. In order to get the most out of the opportunity, you’ll want to plan a knock-out event. We’ve compiled a list of the most important aspects you’ll need to consider, including professional AV, in order to execute the perfect product launch.

1. The Venue

Your venue choice is paramount to pulling off a great product launch. Consider the size of your audience. You don’t want visitors to feel cramped in a venue that’s too small but, on the flipside, you don’t want your venue looking empty because your audience isn’t big enough to fill it. If your product shares branding with your company’s location, you may want to stay on-site and liven up a home-ground venue with professional AV for the special occasion.

2. The Style

Choose a style that compliments the product you’re launching. This way, your audience will be fully immersed in the atmosphere of the event and their focus won’t be drawn away from the product in the spotlight. If your product launch is unveiling any new technology, you’ll most likely want a modern, innovative venue that will flatter the product. Some venues have a reputation for hosting product launches in specific market areas, such as IT or communications. If you can find a venue with a reputation applicable to your new product, use this to your advantage.

3. The Display

How will the product display/s be arranged and positioned? Will there be a stage or will your audience be able to walk around freely and interact with the exhibits? However you organise your displays, you’ll want them to be expertly lit and provided with the highest quality sound systems, if necessary. Professional AV hire is the key to (quite literally) showing your new products in their best light, and in a way that your visitors can appreciate every detail.

4. The Entertainment

Including an element of entertainment can make your product launch more memorable. Just like your choice of venue, your choice of entertainment should be relevant to the product and it’ll help steer the focus of the day, whilst adding a refreshing element of participation. It can also be a great way to spread brand awareness, whilst engaging your audience with the product. A contest with some activity or game, a ‘chance-to-win’ Tweet challenge, or even hiring a comedian to lighten the mood - these can all work well. Keep your entertainment task-focused to make the most of the marketing opportunity.

5. AV Hire

Whichever venue you choose and however you decide to arrange your product displays and stages, AV professionals can bring the day to life by providing high-quality sound for any speeches, music or video presentations. You’ll want exhibits or product demonstrations to be brightly lit, possibly in colours that promote your brand, and you might even choose to project logos or slogans onto the walls of your venue. Going with a professional AV company will be the best decision you make if you want to impress your attendees and make the most out of the marketing and sales opportunities that stem from an unforgettable product launch.

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