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5 Great Excuses to Hire a Big Screen


A big screen takes an event to the next level. Be it an awards evening or a corporate presentation, big screen hire could be the icing on the cake. It can be an eye-catching, information-packed tool and is guaranteed to hold your audience’s attention. Read on to find out how hiring a big screen might boost your event…

1. Awards dinners

Special evenings for winners, presenters and guests alike. A big screen can be used to display an award title or category in a way that’s both clear and aesthetically stunning. Displaying the award winner’s name also makes photos or video footage more memorable. You can put the big screen to good use in all its versatility, showing images, videos and text to guide your guests through the different parts of the night.

2. Sports events

If you can’t get to a match, race or other sporting events what better way to watch it than on a big screen with all your mates? Or, suppose you’re organising an end-of-season dinner. Club members will love a slideshow of action shots from the season, with some mandatory funny ones thrown in for good measure. Sports always look better on a big screen so, if you’ll be showing video clips, you can’t afford to skimp on the presentation if you want to impress your guests.

3. Festivals

Most festival stages will now have some kind of LED screen. They’re an essential part of any great performance because these big screens bridge the gap between the performer and audience, allowing the audience to see all the action from the stage, no matter how far back in a crowd they are. We’re fast approaching festival season, so whether you’re hosting a small local town festival or one of the biggest festival events of the year, don’t forget to hire high-resolution screens for your stages.

4. An art exhibition

Although guests will come to look at the art, a big screen can actually be used to enhance the experience and give depth to the artwork itself. You can display a whole range of things: progression videos showing art pieces from their preliminary stages right through to the finished product, footage of the artist, text slides with relevant background history… The opportunities are endless! A moving picture on a big screen will help bring a room of stationary art to life and create an engaging, vibrant atmosphere.

5. Corporate events

Big screen hire is essential if you’re going to be pitching to a large room full of businessmen and women. No doubt you’ll be looking to display information in the form of diagrams, statistics and text. An interactive big screen is far better at communicating facts and figures than static printed pages. It can also provide the perfect backdrop for a keynote speaker, who may use a photo slideshow or presentation to convey the important message you’ve invited them to deliver.

A big screen really can enhance any event. If you’d like more information on how big screen hire could work at your event, please get in touch today.

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