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Essentials for the Ultimate Private Party


A party is one of the best ways to bring everyone together under one roof, without having to stretch the purse strings too much. You can choose the guest list, decide on the catering, hand-pick the drinks menu and, perhaps most crucially, have complete control of the music all night long.

Step one:

Sort the venue.

Firstly, you need to know who you're going to invite and then have a think about how many of those are likely to actually attend. You want somewhere that's spacious, fits the budget and has the right ambience. Consider the type of look and atmosphere you want to create and then find a venue that suits.

Step two:


For a lot of us, it's not a party without those iconic red American party cups. Big enough to hold a sizeable beverage, disposable at the end of the night. And the best part? No washing up. Simple. But, if you want something with a little more class and style then why not opt for some chic, coloured wine glasses; they are available in a range of summery colours and make for a fun, yet classy, alternative. Perfect for enjoying some bubbly!

Step three:

Drinks, again!

Nobody likes warm beer (or wine) and, depending on the venue, a fridge or two may not have the capacity to cater for your thirsty friends all night long. Fill a couple of cool-boxes or even an old steel tub (for a touch of rustic, shabby-chic style) with ice and you'll have no problem keeping those ‘serve chilled’ beverages ready to drink. Alternatively, you could consider hiring a fridge with a glass front, so that your guests can see the goodies inside.

Step four:


We all know the feeling of party-munchies. They’re inevitable. So, be sure to sort out catering in advance. Finger food like crisps and dips are sure to keep your guests happy, but if your venue allows access to an oven during the evening, then something hot, like mini burgers or sausages, will go down a treat too. Crudité, mini quiches and hummus are great choices for vegetarian guests.

Step five:


Nobody ever arrives at a party at the time you tell them. Bear this in mind when you send out invitations or set up the event on Facebook; if you want your guests to arrive at 8, tell them it starts at 7 or 7:30… Unless, of course, you have thoroughly punctual friends.

Step six:

Invest in a high-quality sound system.

Sound quality is what makes or breaks the atmosphere, wherever you are. From a club or bar to a converted barn or your very own back garden, you can transform the environment by simply putting a high-quality sound system in place. Why not rent some speakers for your party? If you've spent time mixing a knock-out playlist then don't let that effort go to waste! Rent speakers for your party and make sure that your guests don’t miss a beat.

Step seven:

Deck it out.

If it’s a special occasion and you’re looking to splash out a little then why not hire a DJ? That way, your musical entertainment is taken care of for the whole night. You could even take it a step further and rent DJ decks and speakers so your friends can try their hand at revving up the mood for those on the dancefloor!

The final step:

Party lighting.

Nobody parties with all the lights on, and whilst wall lights and lamps offer a less harsh ambience, when it comes to lighting, perhaps you should consider something a touch more creative. Whether it’s a disco ball for those retro feels, some strobe lights for those who love to rave, or simply some funky and colourful lava lamps, you can easily give your party that visual wow-factor.

Hopefully, you’ll find these tips useful. Just remember – while it's true that anyone can throw a party, to make it one that people will remember, the key is to rent some speakers and give your music a real lift. And don't forget the importance of setting the atmosphere with some well-considered, razzle-dazzle lighting.

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