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How Can You Save Money on Your AV?


If you need to rent AV equipment for an event but are worried about going over-budget, fear not; there are a number of ways in which you can minimise the cost. If your event is going to be a memorable success then high-quality AV is essential, so how can you economise when renting AV equipment?

Start early

Firstly, try and include your AV company in your event planning as early on as possible. If you can bring in an AV specialist to visit your proposed venue before you finalise the booking, they may be able to suggest what will and what won’t work in that setting as well as ways in which you could use minimal equipment to save on costs. This discussion may even influence your venue choice.

If you’re looking to rent AV equipment then getting your AV company involved early can be beneficial in getting the timings right for the setup and installation. If you and your AV professionals can agree a suitable day (or days) prior to the event on which they can set up and prepare their equipment, it will greatly reduce the overall cost. Setting up in advance means less manpower required on the day, thereby protecting your budget.


Be realistic

It’s a good idea to have a figure in mind from the outset. This way, you’re less likely to get carried away and spend more than is necessary. Be realistic and consider what AV equipment you really need. Whilst there are a lot of attractive gadgets and gizmos out there, if you’re sticking to a budget, try and focus on getting the essentials.

Consider the venue

Depending on the venue you choose, you may have in-house AV available. And whilst this may cut the cost compared to hiring professionals, you’ll have to manage the equipment yourself, which could end up adding to your list of worries on the day. When you rent AV equipment from professionals, however, you can rest assured that the delivery of AV at your event will be of the highest quality, far superior to in-house provisions.

If you’re clear about a figure from the start, a good AV company will always seek to ensure you stay within your budget. The key is to maintain regular communication with your chosen AV provider to ensure you’re cutting corners on cost but never on quality.

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