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Myth-Busting: The Truth About The Value Of Livestreaming A Conference


For some reason, and we aren’t sure why, livestreaming has a pretty poor reputation. For a lot of businesses and event planners, it’s seen as a hassle… Well, we’re here to dispel that idea. Let’s take a look at some of the bad feelings around livestreaming and see if we can’t bust some myths and overturn that unwarranted negativity.

Myth #1

‘Livestreaming is expensive’

Wrong! Livestreaming doesn’t have to cost a thing. If, for example, you livestream a conference via YouTube, it’s completely free, providing your account is registered and you have a minimum of 100 subscribers. Again, via Facebook: it’s free. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can use livestream technology that even allows you to interact with viewers, as well as with speakers or presenters who can’t make it to the event. The possibilities are endless but the budget doesn’t have to be!

Myth #2

'Fewer people attend when there’s a live stream’

Surprisingly, untrue. Whilst it makes sense that people might just prefer to watch from their sofa at home rather than actually attend the event, statistics show that a third of people who watch a livestream will become attendees the following year. If your event or conference looks awesome on livestream, it can hugely increase the popularity and attendance of your following events. Take Coachella as an example: in 2011, the festival sold out after three days of ticket sales; the event, however, boasted a massive livestreaming fan base and when tickets went on sale the following year, the festival was sold out in under three hours.

Myth #3

‘Nobody will watch it’

Nonsense! If you have any kind of social media following, people WILL watch your livestreamed conference. Facebook Live statistics show that viewers watch live video for three times as long as they would watch pre-recorded footage. Plus they add comments ten times more often because they feel involved in your event, and this kind of activity draws in more viewers as a result. Including a ‘behind the scenes’ element to your livestream (perhaps a special announcement) will draw viewers in, too, as they are intrigued by the thought of exciting, exclusive news.

Myth #4

‘Livestreaming isn’t worth it for small events’

Wrong again… Livestreaming can actually be MORE useful to smaller events and conferences. Aside from expanding a potential client base and spreading brand awareness, it allows you to reach an audience far wider than a potentially small venue can cater for. If your livestream displays a well-run, successful event, you can bet that the list of attendees will grow significantly for your next event.

Myth #5

‘The value of the video is gone once the conference is over’

This is perhaps the worst of all the myths. Just like any recorded video, footage of an event or conference can be reused time and time again, which can be a fantastic marketing tool for advertising purposes. It’s also a great way of keeping a record of speeches and demonstrations, allowing you to refer back to them as and when you wish. Coupling clips from your livestream with comments that viewers made while watching it in real-time, can be a highly persuasive tactic when convincing social media followers to sign up to your upcoming conference or expo.

We hope you’re feeling a little less sceptical about livestreaming now. And whilst we appreciate that it’s a relatively new marketing method, results show that the benefits can be enormous; making an effort with livestreaming an event or conference could undoubtedly see an exceptional return on investment.

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