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What Kind of Lights Should You Rent for your Christmas Party?


Christmas is on its way!

With that comes all the parties, decorations, and of course, lights. For your next Christmas party, bedazzle and transform your venue with the perfect lighting. But before you do, it’s important to be familiar with the different types on offer so that you can make the right decision for your Christmas light hire and achieve the best look.

The classic choice would be some incandescent string or fairy lights; these are the kind that offer a warm, soft glow as they adorn a mantelpiece, bannister, window or tree. Fairy lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, from the elegant - often blue-toned - icicle lights to the fun, flashy and twinkly variety.

LED lights have become a particularly popular choice and make for a great, colourful option for Christmas light hire. Not only do they sparkle with vibrancy, but they are highly energy efficient, and tough enough to handle the elements, too.

For any stand-alone light displays, or ones that are far from any electrical circuit, battery-operated lights are your best friend. Many will last throughout the season on just one set of batteries. They are often hardy, and able to withstand the weather for outdoor use, but they can lend their light indoors just as effectively.

Festoon Lighting

Once you have decided on the type(s) of lighting you’ll use, you can start looking at the details – namely the colours and bulb spacing. If your Christmas party has a specific theme, such as ice palace, masquerade ball, or even an ugly jumper party, you may already have a colour scheme in mind. Blue and white create a stunning ice-y look, while bright, colourful (and maybe slightly gaudy!) lights will work well for a ‘tacky Christmas jumper’ theme.

Lights come in a variety of shapes and clusters as well, from a net grid to cover wide spaces like lattices or walls, to sparsely lit strands for a delicate canopy of lights strung up above.

No matter what your plans are for a Christmas party, whether a private gathering or corporate event, you can find the perfect Christmas light hire to set the tone for the evening and illuminate the very essence of Christmas cheer.

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