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Making your next Corporate event the best

In this article we share our top tips on improving your conference or awards, for both delegates and organisers.

There are a multitude of simple an effective ways to improve your corporate event.

The Venue

One of the initial tasks is looking at the right venue for your event. Intimacy and requirements are key and need to be reflected in the venue, there is no point booking an arena for a 200 person awards ceremony. Then again, if a local hall is booked, the wrong impression is given off and the venue will not be able to cope with the scale of tables, food and staging required.

A large banqueting hall in a well run hotel or conference centre would work far better for this. They will be well equipped and experienced in providing these styles of event and therefore a much safer bet. Most AV companies such as Stage Engage have a directory of trusted venues, where we have an established working relationship. Contact us today to discuss your event.


The AV

The AV and staging is one of the most important factors between your event running slickly and professionally or it seeming amateurish and having poor delegate re-attendance. Here at Stage Engage we conduct client meetings and provide solutions to your requirements and issues after discussing your event in detail.

We have the highest quality equipment and staff to ensure the best delivery every time. It is always better to get your AV team involved as early on in the process, we are the experts and will be able to assist you in useful ways. Your technical event team can make or break an event and you can trust Stage Engage to deliver.


Content Management

If you’re planning an event that’s going to blow your guests out of the water, you’re going to need to think about content workflow management. But don’t panic; it’s easier than you think. There are plenty of new software options designed to help you manage your required content seamlessly, thus avoiding any last minute calamities in the run up to your event.

Alternatively, you can leave it all to us at Stage Engage, and we’ll pull everything together for you. The quality of your content is also key, there is no use creating a PowerPoint with amazing animations, timing and transitions only for it to not be readable or there to be issues with video. We are more than happy to provide advice and support with this.

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Did you know Stage Engage do AV installs?

Are you aware that Stage Engage install equipment, as well as supplying hire and production services?

We can provide installation services for your venue, everything from upgrading your speakers to your lighting or video systems are no challenge for our technicians.

Our skilled technicians and access to equipment at the best prices ensures you will always have the best possible outcome for your space. We can build a custom quote for you and perfectly tailor a system to your needs.

You don't have to be a technician to use our systems! We discuss how best to make the installation work for you. The simpler for the user the better and we have lots of ways of creating a great outcome using easy to operate equipment.

We will never leave you in the dark, if there are any issues we are always on hand to help and repair your equipment.

We are an approved dealers for many of the most well renowned brands and have access to the best trade prices. This means we can provide great quality equipment at great prices.


Drop us a line to see what we can do for you today or organise a site visit for a customised quote.

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Stage Engage Stock Update - Chauvet RH1 Hybrid

Stage Engage have recently invested in a fleet of Chauvet Professional RH1 Hybrid Moving Lights

Lighting Designer, Matt Ilsley commented: "We're very excited to be adding the RH1 to our hire stock. This extremely versatile yet compact fixture will enable us to broaden the scope of our lighting designs, for both live events and corporate customers."

The RH1 is powered by a high output Osram 330w Sirius Lamp and has an optical zoom range of 2.5° at it's smallest and 38° at it's greatest - giving it a very wide range of usability.

The unit remains compact also with dimensions of 409 x 327 x 638mm And a weight of around 25kg - Impressive for a fixture with an output of 112,200 lux.


Multiple gobo and colour wheels combined with variable prism effects ensure that every show can be catered for no matter what the production and you'll never be left in the dark!

Keep an eye on our blog for more exciting announcements and get in touch with one of the Stage Engage team today for a competitive quote on the RH1 Hybrid.

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