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Have you used Express Hire yet? We stock everything from a projector for a presentation to a full sound system & lighting package for a party. Our Express Hire system is the simplest way of hiring equipment from us from either Exeter or London.

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Stage Engage Express Hire

Available for hire from both our Exeter and West London branches, we have an extremely wide range of equipment for collection. We stock only the best equipment from industry standard brands such as EV and Chauvet.

Simply access our website: and browse through the categories to find the products you require, you can then add this to your basket and press 'continue and review' to pay and confirm your hire.

Helpful instructional videos are supplied on most of the product pages. These allow you to further understand how the product you are hiring works and is setup.


We can also deliver from our West London branch via courier, this comes at an extra cost. Please speak to a member of the team today to organise this.

Available day or night, SE Hire is truly a one stop solution for your small event which we are proud to offer from our two separate locations.

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Good sound engineering will often go unnoticed...

Why is it that better sound often goes more unnoticed?

In most cases it’s only after a bad experience that sound is given the thought it deserves at events and when things are going well the sound technicians may go unnoticed.

For speech especially, good sound is often subtle. If the level in the room is too low, nobody can hear it and strain their ears in vain trying to do so. If it is too loud, delegates in the room will be wincing with discomfort. Good sound sounds natural, often like there is no sound system or technician present. Good sound should always be clear, natural and evenly dispersed throughout the room, meaning the sound levels should be relatively the same front to back and side to side.

Poor sound often has a lot of distractions which make the message of the speaker unclear or inaudible. These include distortion, noise, electrical hum, RF interference and feedback to name a few. Sound technicians actually need quite a bit of knowledge and skill to remove these distractions from the audio that he is delivering, but the thing about a distraction is that we only notice it when it is present.

During the rig, the sound engineer might be making all kinds of noise as he induces feedback and often pushes things louder than he needs to in order to tune the sound system so it sounds smooth and intelligible. When it comes to the event itself though a good sound technician often makes his work look effortless. A production company not used to hiring a specialist sound technician may even question the seeming ease at which the sound technician gets through the day, in turn thinking of cutting back on the practise of using a dedicated sound technician. This of course is counterproductive.

By and large my experience is that many end clients and production companies do know the benefits of good professional audio. Many also know the cost of poorly delivered audio- from painful experience. In educating others about good sound how can we communicate its’ benefits? Many good things go unnoticed and without a song and dance. Think about water for instance, most of us are blessed enough to get it on tap, it has massive health benefits and actually we couldn’t live without it- but if my water supply were polluted for some reason I would definitely know about it. Maybe we need to think about good audio in the events sector in a similar vein: it is pretty much essential to the message on stage being delivered.

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Stage Engage add L'ACOUSTICS to hire stock

Stage Engage join the network of L'Acoustics rental companies with KIVA, KARA, 8XT, SB18 speakers and LA8 digital amplifiers.

L-ACOUSTICS sound systems are considered the number one choice for a diverse range of applications worldwide including concert tours, olympiad sporting events, performing arts centers, houses of worship and corporate events.

Christian Ablett, Director of Stage Engage says, "We are very excited by this investment in L-Acoustics loudspeakers. This investment will enable us to provide high quality engineered audio solutions completely in house for a wide range of events. The sound quality of L-Acoustics alone really does make these speakers stand out from other leading brands, and this in turn will mean we can offer the best quality service to our clients."

For more information on our engineered audio hire please call our office on 01392 927888 or email

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