Audience Engagement & Interaction

Audience Engagement and Audience Interaction benefits both you and your audience - it will enrich their experience and make your event more memorable. Meanwhile you can use it to ensure your message gets accross, improve engagement and gather highly valuable data.

Audience Live Polls & Voting Pad Hire for Interaction and Q&A

Gathering the opinions of your delegates, employees, customers or peers can be invaluable. We use simple and elegant voting systems to do this using either dedicated voting pads or a customised web app. You can embed your questions within your presentation, or we can run them separately, allowing you to create more dynamic content like word clouds, live on stage!
Using a web link you can even open it up to remote audiences watching online via livestream or who can't attend your event in person.
Why not ask your audience to submit their questions for your guest speaker, live on stage.

Audience Interaction Q&A
Live Audeince Voting and polling

Live Social Media Wall Hire - Twitter, Instagram

A great way of engaging your audience is to draw content from Twitter or Instagram. People love seeing their name up on the big screen!
If you have a hashtag for your show or event, then we can use software to automatically display any posts tagged with this hashtag in a customisable and dynamic way.

#Twitter #Instagram #TwitterWallHire #SocialMedia

The layout, logo and colour scheme of the wall can be customised to match your event.
Of course, if you wish, then all this content can be moderated before it goes live, meaning that only posts you want to display will make it on to the screen. This is done using a simple but secure online tool that you can access from any phone or tablet.
The Content can be overlayed on top of your existing content, or displayed on dedicated screens for the audeince.


CatchBox AUdience Q&A Microphone Hire

Our CatchBox system is a soft, foamy, throwable microphone that you can use to take questions from your audience. No more running around the room with handheld mics or sitting in silence waiting for your delegates to pass them along to the right person.
Not only is CatchBox more practical than traditional handheld mics, saving loads of time during Q&A sessions, but it’s great fun for your audience too!


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