Stage and Live Event Lighting

It’s important that all technical aspects of your event work together in perfect harmony. While a good sound system will ensure that everyone is heard, it’s often the stage lighting that guarantees your event will be a unique, eye-catching and memorable experience for your audience. One of the best ways to leave people talking about your event is to use a high impact, well-designed lighting system.

We can offer a range of lighting options to suit any event. Whether your event is large or small, our extensive stock of up-to-date lighting equipment, combined with the knowledge of our in-house Lighting Designers and Technicians, will transform any venue and add that extra dimension.

Stage lighting serves several purposes; first and foremost, making sure that everyone on stage can be seen! It might sound obvious, but it’s surprisingly common to find events where the presenters, band, actors, or whoever it may be, aren’t adequately lit. Your audience has come to see the talent on stage, so it’s always our top priority to make sure that the correct lighting is used to guarantee they’re visible.
Secondly, Lighting can be used to reenforce your brand, message and engagement of any event. Lighting can be used to create impact, entertainement and that wow factor, whether it be beautiful, subtle and creative lighting of a theatre show, or high energy, dymanic and explosive light show for a concert.

Corporate & Conference Event Lighting

Awards stage with star cloth and theatrical lighting
Lighting to match corporate brand
Crisp and modern lighting
Colourful and engaging lighting

A good lighting design should perfectly compliment all elements of set or stage décor. This is most important on corporate or theatrical productions where a slick and tidy stage is essential. For example, we often uplight stage set pieces at conferences or awards ceremonies to add depth and a splash of colour to your stage, and to highlight any custom branding. These lighting fixtures can be integrated into the set design, so that your audience doesn’t have to see any unsightly cables or equipment. This simple touch is one of many small things we do to give a polished and professional look to your event.

Live Events and Stage Lighting

Radio 1 Big Weekend Stage Lighting
Live DJ lighting

Festivals, concerts and other live events are where the right lighting system can really come into its own! And it’s not just down to our top quality, industry standard equipment – we also provide highly experienced lighting designers and operators for everything from the smallest shows, up to large scale festivals or touring productions. This ensures that the movement in the lighting perfectly matches the beat of the music for the upmost visual impact.
Thanks to Stage Engage embracing the latest advancements in technology, lighting systems no longer have to be a stand-alone feature. We can seamlessly integrate lighting designs both with audio tracks (even in surround sound!), and with custom video content, whether it is displayed on an ultra-bright LED video wall, or traditional projection system.

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Looking for Architectural or or ambient lighting for your event?

Use light to scult and enhance your event venue, structure or space to enhance yoru guests experience and enforce your brand

Architectural and ambient lighting

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