BBC's Peaky Blinders Premier at Birmingham Town Hall


Fans of the award-winning drama 'Peaky Blinders' will be eagerly awaiting Season 5 to air this August.

The BBC regularly air preview screenings for their shows at iconic locations around the country.
Having worked with the BBC for a number of years and providing technical support to the screening of Peaky Blinders season 4 in 2017, Stage Engage were asked to get involved with this exciting opportunity to screen the world premiere of Season 5.

Being the epicentre of the show, Birmingham was the obvious location for this prestigious screening and Birmingham Town Hall was selected as the venue.

This year we're at the Town Hall, which is a great venue, with more fans than ever before able to see the programme.
I can't wait to see everyone's reactions on the night.

Steven Knight - Creator

Creating a premier screening of such a high-calibre show in 1,100 capacity concert performance space presented itself with several challenges for the team to overcome.
We needed to ensure each member of the audience could both see and hear this fantastic action-packed show perfectly, regardless of whether they were sat front row, or back of the dress circle. In addition, this season had been created in surround sound and we wanted to re-create a full 5.1 cinema experience.
We also hosted a Question & Answer session on the stage with the cast and production team after the screening.

Our Solution

We selected a 32ft wide front projection screen coupled with a 20,000 lumens Panasonic HD laser projection setup, giving the audience 576 sq foot of screen. This was the largest screen we were able to fit in the venue and ensured even the back row got a fantastic bright and crisp view of this action packed show.
We suspended the screen from additional rigging we installed above the stage to ensure we could position the screen as high as possible and increase viewing angles.

Making use of the D&B in-house audio system coupled with our own D&B system, we crafted a full 5.1 cinema surround sound installation - Adding a dedicated speaker array at the centre of the screen to ensure super-intelligible speech, together with side and rear speakers and of course floor-rumbling sub bass speakers.
This impressive speaker setup ensured total audience immersion and engagement, making every word of the dialogue audible, and bringing to life the atmosphere of Birmingham in 1929.
We retained a full digital signal path between the video playback system and the PA system to ensure the purest audio possible, making use of fibre networking and Dante digital audio protocol, along with D&B R1 system management software to send exactly the right sound to the right speaker in the auditorium.

After the screening, we hosted a Q&A session on the stage with the cast & crew taking questions from the Live Twitter Wall on the 32ft screen behind them. All 12 guests could be heard perfectly from every seat in the house.

We Provided

- 32ft Projection screen
- 20,000 Lumens HD Projection system
- 5.1 Digital Surround Sound
- 12 guest Q&A session
- Live Twitter Wall
- Pre-Show outdoor Red Carpet event


Red Carpet Event

In addition to the main screening, we created a 'Red Carpet' event on the street outside the building to doting fans & press to meet and greet the cast before the screening.

Peaky Blinders Red Carpet, with Step & Repeat branding
Crew building Red Carpet Event
Step & Repeat branding

This presented it's own challenges such as ensuring safe working practices within an open public space and building a pristine Step & Repeat backdrop, outdoors on a sloping pavement.

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