Event Filming and Live Streaming

Live stream your event, or have a live video feed on a big screen!

No matter how large your event is, Stage Engage will be on hand to capture every second of it. Whether you are looking for event videography to display event footage via screens, or a live streaming company to share your event with the world, our team of specialists will be ready to record.

Our team of camera operators and video engineers have years of experience filming events and are dedicated to providing high-quality event videography. We capture the sparkle in your event, showcasing your accomplishments through our dynamic eye for detail and ability to convey the story behind your event. Our equipment comprises a range of the highest standard available and, in the hands of our talented operators, will ensure a memorable event. Reliable, consistent and passionate, we have provided event videography to a range of different occasions, recognising that each one is unique in its needs and ensuring this individuality is portrayed on camera.

As a specialist live streaming company, we can also maintain this level of professionalism whilst broadcasting your event live to the wider world. We are experts at getting your event out to the masses without compromising on quality. It’s important for a live streaming company to understand your event and know how to make every second of film count. Our highly experienced operators and engineers work to ensure shots will suit your unique audience and provide an energetic, powerful stream that fully conveys your event.

At Stage Engage we know just how vital the use of a live stream can be to your event and therefore use high-quality, reliable equipment every time to provide a seamless live experience for all of your absent viewers. Our specialist technical experience and understanding will allow you to relax and trust that every moment of your event is being transmitted across the world through top quality AV equipment operated by skilled engineers.

Why not contact us today to see how we can help you with filming your event.


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