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Combined Christmas Events - Bringing Offices Together


Have you run out of office Christmas party ideas for your small team to enjoy? Of course, it can be lovely to sit down for a quiet roast with your close colleagues and share a bottle of wine. But if you don’t want to miss out on a big Christmas celebration and you dream of a huge festive blowout in an exciting venue with all the trimmings, there’s no reason why this can’t happen! Your solution is to join forces with other offices. Bringing offices together for a Christmas party is the perfect way to make a big festive event happen.

There are many benefits of combined Christmas events, particularly if you work in a small company. Not only do smaller offices tend to have less spare cash to throw at a huge Christmas party, but they also simply have fewer people to fill a big venue, even if you invite plus ones and families. Fortunately, there are venues that specifically cater for situations like this, from hotels, sports clubs and conference centres to dockyards and stadiums.

Event Lighting

Combined events have many advantages. In general, having more people at your Christmas party creates an exciting atmosphere with a distinct buzz that makes the party unmissable. Bringing offices together also gives guests the chance to meet new people, build new friendships and maybe even discover a holiday romance under the mistletoe! Hotels can provide a luxurious, sparkling venue for guests to enjoy and the novelty of stadium venues is irresistible. Stadiums also hold great potential for big group photographs.

There are also plenty of themed shared Christmas events, from the roaring twenties to Circus, masquerade and Burlesque themed events. Themes can be a great way of uniting a group. Costumes provide natural conversation starters and novelties such as live music and dance help everyone to relax into the evening. It can be difficult to think up original office Christmas party ideas, so attending a themed event certainly takes the pressure off.

There are shared Christmas events welcoming smaller offices all across the country and now is the perfect time to start researching your options. If you have any questions about the practicalities of shared Christmas events or want to find out about any other office Christmas party ideas, Stage Engage will be more than happy to answer your queries.

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