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Engage with your audience - 5 ideas for you to try right now

Audience Engagement and Audience Interaction benefits both you and your audience - it will enrich their experience and make your event more memorable. Meanwhile you can use it to ensure your message gets accross, improve engagement and gather highly valuable data.

5 Ways you can Engage with your audience through polling

Large Audience Interaction

1. Icebreaker

Open your session with a poll - this will ensure you have everyone's attention and also helps set the tone of the presentation.
Ask a question to discover your audiences current understanding of a topic or discover their expectations
Or perhaps open with a humorous question for a bit of fun - How many of you wish you'd had an extra cup of coffee this morning?

2. Get questions from you audience

Not everyone feels confident enough to stand up and speak in to a mic to have their questions asked - but that doesn't mean you should miss out on their valuable input. So why not open up to the floor and crowdsource your questions via mobile app or webpage.
Input is not limited to just those in the room - why not ask your wider audience, either those watching via livestream or remote offices.
Of course, you can moderate all the questions before they are displayed, so you are in full control.
You can even get your audience to vote up for existing questions to ensure you get the most valid questions to the stage.

3. Collaborative Brainstorming

Make the most of your precious meeting time and get participetns to submit their ideas in advance - discussion topics, questions, timescales, decision points or priorities.

4. Check understanding

If you are covering a complex or lesser known topic, perhaps you want to check on understanding at the start of the talk so you can tailor the content to the audiences' current understanding. Are they all experts in the field already, or is this a new topic for many and you need to avoid acronyms, abbreviations and explain terms as you go. Find out if attendees are keeping up, or if they need further explanations.

5. Session Feedback

Why not hear straight from the horse's mouth how your session went - no more asking for feedback forms to be filled in and handed back - simply ask your guests to provide feedback via an app.
You could ask a specific question, like how they rated the Topic? Was the session too long? Or perhaps a more open question such as what topic they would like to see in future talks?
This is a safe space to gather valuable input on what worked and what didn't, what people enjoyed, what they want to see more of.
If you opened the session with a knowledge question, why not close with the same question to gauge uptake or opinion change.

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