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Have you used Express Hire yet? We stock everything from a projector for a presentation to a full sound system & lighting package for a party. Our Express Hire system is the simplest way of hiring equipment from us from either Exeter or London.

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Stage Engage Express Hire

Available for hire from both our Exeter and West London branches, we have an extremely wide range of equipment for collection. We stock only the best equipment from industry standard brands such as EV and Chauvet.

Simply access our website: and browse through the categories to find the products you require, you can then add this to your basket and press 'continue and review' to pay and confirm your hire.

Helpful instructional videos are supplied on most of the product pages. These allow you to further understand how the product you are hiring works and is setup.


We can also deliver from our West London branch via courier, this comes at an extra cost. Please speak to a member of the team today to organise this.

Available day or night, SE Hire is truly a one stop solution for your small event which we are proud to offer from our two separate locations.

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Top Tips for your 2018 Conference or Event


First off let me start by saying Happy New Year to you! 2018 is going to be a exciting and prosperous year for all industries.

Here are a few tips to get your started with organising your conference or event and a few tips on hiring audio visual equipment.

1. The Venue

Your venue choice is paramount to pulling off a great conference. Consider the size of your audience. You don’t want visitors to feel cramped in a venue that’s too small but, on the flip side, you don’t want your venue looking empty because your audience isn’t big enough to fill it.
Think outside the box, your only option isn't just a specialised conference centre and there are lots of venues that could be used for a conference right on your doorstep.

- Marquee's are commonly used to create excellent temporary spaces in car parks, fields and alike
- Community halls can offer big spaces for a low buck
- Golf and country clubs, nearly all will have an event space
- Rugby and football stadiums
- Sports hall, they can fit big numbers and often have lots of parking
- Your office or warehouse, it could be an easy event space to convert, but it might be nice to get out of the office for a change...

Often we find that any space can be easily transformed with drape hire, lighting and audio visual equipment. Tables, chairs, projector screens and stages can all easily be hired in to create the perfect space.

2. Considering budget

Do you just want a functional space with chairs & projector screen? If you're just doing an internal staff training event, you probably don't need to go all out. Keep it simple and just hire the space and simple AV equipment.


Do you want to impress your clients? Does the event need to have wow factor and go without a hitch? Why not consider an event company to help you arrange everything? We have extensive experience in the events industry and are always happy to help.

3. The Stage

Will there be a stage or impressive branded backdrop with your branding? Stage backdrops are a very effective way to create a professional focal point and will help your audience really engage in the message you want to portray. All stage backdrops can be expertly lit and provided with the highest quality sound systems, if necessary. Professional AV hire is the key to (quite literally) showing your brand in the best light, and in a way that your audience can appreciate.

4. The Entertainment

Including an element of entertainment can make your event. Just like your choice of venue, your choice of entertainment should be relevant to the product and it’ll help steer the focus of the day, whilst adding a refreshing element of participation. It can also be a great way to spread brand awareness, whilst engaging your audience with the product. A contest with some activity or game, a ‘chance-to-win’ Tweet challenge, or even hiring a comedian to lighten the mood - these can all work well. Keep your entertainment task-focused to make the most of the marketing opportunity.

If you are organising an event in 2018 and just want to get started with some free advise, we are always happy to take your call.

5. AV Hire

Whichever venue you choose and however you decide to arrange your conference and stages, we as AV professionals can bring the day to life by providing high-quality sound for any speeches, music or video presentations. You’ll want your conference event to be brightly lit, possibly in colours that promote your brand, and you might even choose to project logos or slogans onto the walls of your venue. Going with a professional AV company will be the best decision you make if you want to impress your attendees and make the most out of the marketing and sales opportunities that stem from an unforgettable event.

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Thanks for your support and taking our events to a new level.

Have a great Christmas and look forward to working with you in the New Year.
Group Marketing Director - Churchill Retirement Living

We deliver Audio Visual & Staging across the UK for Churchill Retirement Living, including customised stage backdrop, all AV Equipment and event technical support.
Contact us today to see how we can help you with your event.

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Why use a Professional AV Hire Company for your event?

With tighter budgets now the norm, conference organisers are often tasked with trimming spending wherever they can. We discuss why you should still use professional AV companies to ensure your event is a success.

Venues often have their own bits and pieces of technical equipment and so in-house audio-visual can be considered as a way to save on a few pennies, however there are several reasons for choosing to use the services of a professional hire company. Of all the conference elements to skimp on, AV is one where making the wrong choice leads to the most trouble, and poor presentation can easily leave a bad impression on your delegates. Business have the options to use a full production service by having all the equipment and a technician on-site or just hire the basic equipment themselves. Either way, you will be getting high quality equipment that is often not available through standard venues.

The real meat of any conference or meeting day is in the presenters’ content. The message really needs to be seen and heard, and the clearer that this message is presented, the more likely it is that the audience will take it in. Professional speakers come to learn very quickly that the presence of a trustworthy AV technician in the back corner of the room is absolutely essential in terms of supporting their own performance. Someone with sole responsibility for installing, driving and supervising the sound and lighting for the day gives presenters a solid foundation to speak from, without having to worry about any technical issues; this safety net can even lift less confident speakers who know they are in safe hands.

Hotels excel at delivering event spaces, and can be perfect for smaller functions, but for larger and more complex conferences bespoke AV services should be seriously considered. Most hotels, or even meeting facility venues, offer simple AV services and usually do not have the ability to provide a specialist technician. AV services provide everything you could possibly need including: projectors, presentation clickers, PA systems, lecterns and staging. By using a professional hire company, you get the full support and advice to endure your event runs precisely as you require and also means that the venue staff can focus on delivering what they are great at too!

When you take on a professional AV hire company you can plan in confidence, knowing that all of the equipment will be well-maintained and any staff will be familiar with it; after all, it is their bread and butter. There has been several occasions where we have seen ‘conference packages’ set up using equipment that is infrequently used and not looked after, and often out of date. What if you want to take visuals from your tablet? You need to ensure that you have the opportunity to maximise the impact of presentations. Poor presentation can stop audiences from experiencing the space at its best; bringing in external professionals can help secure repeat bookings and great recommendations which is why we have great relationships with venues throughout the UK.

It’s all in the details. A great AV supplier can help you out with stage-set ideas and lighting concepts, which represent a fantastic way to add to any presentation. Even subtle effects need to be thought through with professional guidance, and someone who knows how to direct an audience’s attention can be invaluable. Sound mustn’t be neglected either. While it seems so simple, a good sound engineer can make the difference between an arousing speech and an inaudible muddle. Particularly if your event has any additional sound needs, like video playback for example, the services of a seasoned professional will make a vast difference.

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Lastly, if you have any intention of recording your conference then professional consultation is a must. A good recording is a great advertising tool, but poor recordings look amateurish; getting it right is not as easy as may be assumed, but your AV supplier will make sure your conference looks as good on screen as it does in the room.

Whatever route you go down, you should make sure that you will be confident that your event will be set up right and will reflect your corporate image and brand in the best possible light.

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