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When it comes to throwing the event of the year, having the best-suited venue, perfect guests, coverage, stage equipment, and event flow are important considerations to be made. Equally, as important as the event flow is the entertainment… especially if you want to leave your guests in complete awe. A live performer is the icing to the cake. Whether you hire a magician, fire performer, LED entertainer, stilts performers or an acrobat, you’re sure to be left in amazement.


Why Should I Hire a Live Performer for an Event?

Live performers remain true to their craft, they always go that extra ten miles even if it means bending over backwards, no pun intended! There are so many reasons why one should hire a live performer. They have the ability to connect with an audience, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing people — strangers especially — react to the artist’s showmanship.

A terrific live performer + a wowed audience/guests = satisfied planners & a successful event.

The Benefits of Installing a Stage at Your Next Event?

Stages are an essential focus of an event. For instance, if your guests are sat down at an event and in the midst of these people, is an artist or a person to give a presentation, they will not only need to stand up, they’ll need to stand out! The essence is for the artist to be seen. A stage gives the artist a commanding presence and aura that the guests pay attention to. There is nothing worse than not being able to see who’s performing or presenting.

Another thing to consider when using a stage will be stage lighting.
Stage lighting serves several purposes; first and foremost, making sure that everyone on stage can be seen! It might sound obvious, but it’s surprisingly common to find events where the presenters, band, or performers aren’t adequately lit. Your audience has come to see the talent on stage, so it’s always our top priority to make sure that the correct lighting is used to guarantee they’re visible.
Secondly, Lighting can be used to reenforce your brand, message and engagement of any event. Lighting can be used to create impact, entertainment and that wow factor, whether it be beautiful, subtle and creative lighting of a theatre show, or high energy, dymanic and explosive light show for a concert.

Top Tips to Providing the Best Entertainment at Your Event

Things to consider:

You’ll need to decide the type of entertainment that best engages the audience and suits your event. Decide the pupose of the entertainment - is it to re-enforce your brand, to entertain your guests between courses, or to warm them up ahead of a presentation. Make sure you find a reputable and established entertainment provider, with high quality acts. Make sure the entertainment provider knows what type of event you are putting on, what your goals are. Make sure you book in enough time for a rehearsal if they are integrating in to other elements of your event.

Show Flow
Nothing hurts the potential of having the best entertainment at an event than not having a show flow, not keeping to time and essentially having an overextended event. While show flows detail the flow of events going on and how long for. Making sure that the audience’s attention span is captured and if possible, throughout, is important so the vibe and energy bouncing off the performers to the audience and vice versa aren’t lost.

Age, gender, and status play a huge role in deciding the right entertainment to provide. Research your audience to help determine right live performer for your event - High Energy, explosive entertainment or perhaps something subtle and classy. Ensure the performer also fits and re-enforces your brand image, bold creative, fun, high-class, whatever it is, find a live performance to suite you.

This is essential for setting the tone of your party. From its venue to catering to its theme, staff hired, décor, lighting, coverage… a budget is always needed.

You want to make sure you have the right sound system for the capacity of the space, perfomance type and required impact for the event. You need to consider the speaker placements, Microphone types, music playback and live music support. Do you require wireless handheld or head-worn microphones? Perhaps an audience microphone for engaging with your guests?

Event Venue
It’s important to ensure your venue can cope with the number of guests for your event. Availability, accessibility, suitability, capacity, parking, are all important considerations. Ensure there is the appropriate security to keep your guests safe and sound.

Get an Event Planner / Delegate
Assign roles to someone or a team, make a note of who does what and monitor deliverables to keep from being overwhelmed and not being up to the task.

Party Planning Checklist

• Budget
• Theme
• Date, Venue, Time
• Invites and RSVPs
• Stage, Lighting, Sound, Video
• Coverage: filming, photography
• Staff
• Entertainment
• Food & Refreshments
• Security

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