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The Best Platforms To Live Stream Your Event


Planning on live streaming your event but unsure of what platform to use? As an experienced live streaming company, we are able to tailor our live stream services - including the live stream platform - to your individual event. To give you a head start on deciding which platform is right for you, we’ve rounded up the best options out there for you to compare.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live has only been around for a year and a half, but it packs a punch. You can stream from any device, including drones, and it’s really simple to use. The main advantage of using Facebook Live is that Facebook is already an established platform. If you have a thriving Facebook page, it makes sense to utilise this platform for your live stream.

YouTube Streaming

It was only a matter of time before this global video platform jumped on the live streaming bandwagon. Returning to the idea of reach, streaming on YouTube is best if you already have an active YouTube channel. But if you do then the searchability of YouTube videos will make it well worth your while. Because YouTube is owned by Google, YouTube videos rank highly in Google searches as well as other popular search engines. To live stream your event via this platform, you must have a verified YouTube channel - another factor to bear in mind.



Now a large online video platform, Ustream began as a simple live stream provider. Like Facebook and YouTube, Ustream’s ordinary services are free of charge, and have been utilised by big names, from Plain White T’s to Barrack Obama himself. If this isn’t an advert for Ustream, we don’t know what is!


Periscope launched in 2016 and like Facebook Live, it quickly became popular due to its user-friendly interface. An emphasis on audience interaction is a key feature of Periscope, with a comment stream running alongside every live stream to facilitate discussion (although viewers must have an account to comment). This instant feedback means that it is easy to track your audience’s immediate response to your event. This year an analytics dashboard was also added to the site, allowing users to track their reach in the same way you can on YouTube.


This platform allows you to control your live stream, customising and modifying it as you please. Livestream also sells hardware tools, including cameras and encoders that can work with their streaming service natively. The basic Livestream plan costs $42 a month and can be upgraded to unlock more features, such as analytics, brand control and RTMP input.

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